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Who we are

Biblia Housing Co-operative Society Limited

The name of the society is “BIBLIA HOUSING CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY LIMITED” and is hereinafter referred to in these By –laws “the society” (and its area of operation shall be in the REPUBLIC OF KENYA).

The registered office of the society shall be situated at PCEA Jitegemea flats P.O. Box 7041-00300 Nairobi. Telephone 2718933, Kilimani. Notice of a change of the address shall be given to the commissioner of Co-operative Development hereinafter referred to as “The Commissioner” and to all members of the society through their last known address as per records held at the society.

Our Objectives

The objects for which the society is established are:-

  1. To own or hold property of every description on behalf of members and for their benefits.
  2. To provide for its members living accommodation within the areas of its operation at a fair reasonable price together with such ancillary services as roads, drainage, water and light and together with facilities for physical and cultural recreation and all such other matters are as usual, customary and desirous for building estates, block of flats or single dwellings.
  3. To achieve the objects set forth in these by-laws the society may perform and carry on all the usual functions of a co-operative Society as governed by the Co-operative Societies
  4. Raise funds by accepting deposits and by contracting for loans from members or non-members by issuing debentures or mortgaging its property or by any other means up to a maximum to be decided by the General meeting.
  5. Lend money to members for any purpose directly concerned with the acquisition of living accommodation for themselves on such terms and with such security as the Managing Committee may form from time to time determine or guarantee loans and advances to members for similar purposes.
  • Undertake building operations by such means either directly as the committee may decide.
  • Acquire supplies of building and similar materials and machinery of all kinds
    including household furniture and equipment for use in building or for sale or
    hire to members.
  • Acquire and relinquish lands, buildings and rights over land and building by
    purchase, lease or any other means as may be necessary for the attainment of these objects.
  • Employ architect, builders, contractors, issue plans negotiate and contract for services for light and power, water drainage, roads, and general do all such things as are necessary and customary for the acquisition of land its development for housing purposes.
  • Enter into contract with members for the sale or lease of building acquired by the society in purchase of its objects on such terms and conditions as may from time to time be determined.
  • Do all such things as are incidental to or necessary for the attainment of any or all foregoing objects for the society.


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